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" >>> we're just a half hour away from history nasa's attempt to make the dangerous landing of robot on another planet >>> gunfire at a sikh temple six people killed several her in putting up police officer house say it is it to cross bay area bridges is getting accusations that put structural integrity into question. the mars landing of the rover curiosity and a half-hour away excitement at nasa ames research center is building don knapp is a non deal hundreds of people and nasa scientists biting their fingernails. >>> actually thousands of people who run the grassy area of the facility they have been gathering since 5:00 p.m. today, gathering and watching the big screen televisions bringing live feeds from pasadena mission control at the jet propulsion laboratory everybody excited that compared to a moon landing they hope the rover called " a curiosity " will touch down safely on mars. no one on earth will be able to see the curiosity rover on the descent thousands expected to get the first signals weather is survives or fails among them mission participant chris mckay >>>
landing. nasa scientists celebrate as the multibillion dollar mars rover lands safe and sound on the multibillion dollar mars rover lands safe and sound on the surface of the red planet. captioning funded by cbs. >>> this is the cbs morning news for monday, august 6, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the fbi heading up the investigation into a deadly shooting at a temple in wisconsin. one said the gunman didn't say a word. he just started shooting. it happened in oak creek just south of milwaukee. member of the congregation were preparing a sunday meal when the unidentified gunman opened fire yesterday morning. six people and the gunman were killed. the alleged gunman's home is being searched right now. no motive so far. drew levinson is there. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, terrell. investigators spent much of the night inside the temple and inside the suspected shooter's home looking for clues. trying to figure out who he was, what he was all about and why he did it. law enforcement sources tell cbs news the alleged gunman in
are also keeping an eye on a pair of tropical storms. >>> seven minutes of terror, that is how nasa is describing their high stakes mission to mars. it is happening tonight and they have one chance to stick the landing. >>> and here at the olympic games what a day for the home team. a gold rush the likes to which they haven't seen in over 100 years. >>> also who is the fastest man in the world? we have the answer. "nbc nightly news" from london begins now. >>> this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london. >>> well, good evening from london. tonight we begin right back in the united states with the news that arrived this afternoon that there had been another terrible outburst of violence, a shooting, a bad one inside a sikh temple in suburban milwaukee. there was a lot of confusion initially as police responded and the first victims there were air lifted out. tonight the details have become a bit clearer and this initially is being treated as an act of domestic terrorism. nbc's john yang is at the scene and starts us off in
is approaching at nasa. >>> and later, something we noticed about kate middleton at these olympic games today. >>> in a couple of hours while millions of americans are fast asleep something will take place that's just as daring in its own way as our original moon landing. overnight tonight nasa is going to try to pull off the equivalent of dropping a car onto the surface of mars. and we should know before too long if it all worked. our report tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: after eight months of traveling through deep space nasa's newest rover named "curiosity" is about to land on the martian surface. and it all begins with a high-stakes maneuver that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. >> is it risky? landing on mars is always risky. >> reporter: the rapid descent to mars will raise the temperature on the heat shield to 1600 degrees. >> entry descent and landing also known as edl is referred to as seven minutes of terror because we've got literally seven minutes to get from the top of the atmosphere to the surface of mars going from 13,000 miles an hour to zero
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:30, much to nasa's delight!it's sending back pictures already. maryland scientists are playing a key role in the mars mission. at the goddard space center in greenbelt... researchers helped develop the 'curiosity rover'. scientists here are estatic about the successful landing. (noah petro-research scientist)"that was built here.. thats backyard science thats now on the surface of mars so its a great thing for maryland and all the people who work here.. to have some infinity and connection too!" too!" the mission is costing two-point-five-billion dollars. it took eight months for the rover to reach its destination on mars. "kraft" releases a special oreo... in honor of monday's successful rover landing on the red planet.the open-faced cookie is complete with red-dyed cream... and tire tracks.but unfortunately... the special oreo won't be hitting the snack aisle anytime was only featured as a part of oreo's "daily twist campaign." a surprise proposal... goes viral.and the couple involved... had no idea. idea.the pair from texas áthoughtá they were sharing a private moment... but
for you. >> fast sas announces mull -- nasa announces multibillion dollar contracts. >> we examine the risk associated with some popular diets for our four-legged friends. >> we're back in for minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now. >>> 4:39 right now. we were 98 yesterday. mild this morning. i'll be back with more weather. >>> the rain showers nixed a whole bunch of construction projects overnight so barrels are out of your way and on the beltway in alexandria. looking live at eisenhower avenue. the plan over the weekend was for the megaprojects to be completed on the outer loop and inner loop through alexandria heading over to the wilson bridge. you should have two through lanes. looks great at eisenhower avenue. mike, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. see you in a bit. >>> time for the first your money segment. jessica is off but we do have the headlines. a better than expected july jobs report sent socks soaring to the highest level since may. >>> the i.r.s. has been handing out billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds to identity thieves. there's a new
the world. at this hour, an incredible 570 million kilometer journey is coming to an end. nasa's rover curiosity is on final approach to mars. soon it'll be begin an extraordinary and complicated landing. something like this has never before been attempted and there is zero room for error. about 17 minutes from now, if all goes as planned, the rover will touchdown on the martian surface. but it takes 14 minutes for a signal to travel from mars to earth, so best case scenario, confirmation will come in about 31 minutes. we expect pictures around 2 a.m. eastern. now, joining us from the laboratory in california. in moscow r where russian space officials are closely following the development and science correspondent david brodie joins us from edge water, new jersey. but first we will go to john zarrella there live in pasadena. john, we are about to enter the period that officials are calling seven minutes of terror, where they will not know if curiosity is alive or dead. >> that's exactly right, john. this is it. they've all been using the olympic term that they have to stick this landin
of this world engineering spectacular that's being called unprecedented feat of technology. nasa's high tech roving scientific laboratory curiosity landed overnight. ready for the most ambitious exploration of the red planet. the mission, search for the basic elements of life. it didn't come without tense moments. teresa garcia's is in pasadena, california. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. you know, it was exciting, it was tense and there was a dramatic countdown inside the mission control room as each milestone was successfully ticked off during curiosity's seven-minute edl or entry, decent and landing. >> behind me is a replica of the rover. it's ready to begin an amazing scientific mission. nasa engineers cheered when the mars rover curiosity touched down. >> touchdown confirmed. >> minutes later, the first pictures from mars were beamed back. >> there is the wheel of the rover safely on the surface of mars. >> curiosity went through what was described as seven minutes of terror to land on the planet. it hit the atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour before jet engines kicked i
is most likely to have developed. so gail is where nasa's curiosity rover is going, between a mountain and the crater wall. >> and we're landing right between those two and kind of the only patch of flat ground. >> can you call curiosity, the sherlock holmes of rovers, with capability to do science that's more than just elementary. >> this mission asked one of the most fundamental questions can you ask, is there life on any other planet besides earth. >> curiosity does not have the ability to detect life itself, unless life stands up and waves at curiosity's camera. but it did k detect what none of its predecessors can. the onboard lab can sniff out organic materials, like carbon, a building block of life. >> one of the key goals is to look for key ingredient that life requires. water is one of the most -- one of the things we always look for on mars. >> scientists believe if water ever flowed on mars, it might have been inside gail crater. vast majority of tasks will be orchestrated by scientists on earth. but when you are 150 million miles away, there are some things curiosity might
to draw conclusions at this time. multiple tests have shown the bay bridge is safe. " a letter to 90 nasa rover scheduled to touch down on mars. don knapp at nasa ames research center scientists are gathering to watch the critical moments call the " seven minutes of terror " >>> today and it is about the landing getting the rover safely down to the surface of the red planet and again a 2 year-long expedition of information gathering including evidence of life. >>> no one on earth will see the curiosity rover on his descent to mars thousands expected at nasa ames to get the first signals telling whether it survives or fail. among them chris mckay >>> all the watching the clock if this land successfully in a big sigh of relief, and then years of exploration on mars. >>> the new curiosity will have to survive heat and complications of being lowered from the ship. >>> there's a possibility will find a different kind of life than on earth a second genesis >>> the reliever will scoot but rock and soil and analyze and with a spectrometer chisholm when a march that water and had the habit that we
>>> this is what nasa hopes happens tonight and we should know soon if the mars rover makes this nerve wracking landing on the red planet as a large crowd gathers in mountain view to watch this significant mission. good evening i'm healther holmes -- healther holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >>> there's been a double shooting involving teenage. patti lee is live, and we understand the youngest victim is 13. >> reporter: this incident is just getting started. police are still at scene. they've shut down this intersection. two cars shut down the intersection. you can see evidence markers on the street. at least four shots were fired. there's broken glass everywhere. the sergeant here at the scene told me that he does not know what led to the shooting but they believe it was gang related. >> we believe it's gang related. there were two individuals in the vehicle when one vehicle opened fire in another striking both occupants of that vehicle. one being an adult and one a juvenile. >>> what we're showing you now is the suspect's car. it was mere at the robby robin that was closed af
as tropical storm isaac gains strength and aims for a possible landfall in florida. >>> roving mars. nasa's curiosity rover takes its first test drive on the martian nasa's curiosity rover takes its first test drive on the martian surface. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 23, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the race for the white house got tighter as republicans get ready to officially make mitt romney their presidential nominee. quinnipiac university, cbs news, new york times poll shows romney gaining ground on president obama in two critical battleground states and nine out of ten voters in florida, ohio and wisconsin say they know who they're going to vote for. susan mcginnis is in washington with details. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. the romney campaign is hoping to gain votes from the huge exposure that a convention brings and this new poll shows romney is getting an early bump in some critical states. workers are putting the finishing touches on the convention floor before rep
of excitement at nasa over the mars mission. >> some of the scientists are still here walking around and they're actually taking down the screen where thousands of people came to watch curiosity landing on the surface of mars. the trickiest part of the mission was a landing and it was a success last night >> touchdown confirmed. >> engineers at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena cheered when the rover touchdown at 1032 last night, as did thousands of others including those who came here eagerly watching to see what would happen in the final moments of the landing. there was the severing of the accord and a flyway of the rocket backpack that carried curiosity. nasa called it the most complex and landing ever attempted on mars. it landed near the foot of a mountain inside the crater >> clay deposits can be associated with life so that is what we're doing. but greater is the 115 km so it is very big and there is a central peak, a mountain right in the middle of the crater and we are at the foot of that mountain. >> those first pictures were beamed back in just minutes after the landing
, sulfur. the jet propulsion laboratory team at nasa came up with the idea and then the reality that landed curiosity. engineer adam stelzner led the nasa team. >> curiosity being on the surface of mars is something that could only have been done in the usa. the ingenuity, the practicality, all of those things wrapped together are what's necessary to do a huge engineering feat like this. >> question. besides possibly finding evidence of life on mars, a scientific breakthrough, can this mission yield any technological breakthroughs as did the apollo missions to the moon? tim. >> any time you spend $2.6 billion and do something unprecedented like this you are going to learn something. they are going to pick up new stuff about how to land on a 14th planet, what parts of mars might be good for manned space flights to land on. but just because you're spending a lot of money and learning something from it doesn't mean that the money was money well spent. we got tang out of the space program. i love tang. i grew up drinking tang. that doesn't necessarily mean it's something for the taxpayers to be
the title since 1947. >> the historic landing you never saw. what nasa did that lets you be there for the touchdown. >> and giving awe live look, that's a touchdown of a shot if there is such a thing, the bay bridge all lit up on this friday, august 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. just about 4:31. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. you made to the friday. we've got a great looking weekend shaping up. after all, it's the last hurrah for some kids, many heading back to school on monday. temperatures this weekend are going to be a treat. 56 degrees this morning in san jose, 57 in livermore. we'll take you through the forecast, but first i want to see if there are problems on the roads on a friday morning. hey, mike. >> good morning. one person as far as the roadçs concerned it's open but off eastbound 80 you see slowing, we have an accident, a car off of the roadway and on the shoulder,
crowd. a lot of members of the science team. a lot of members from nasa washington, nasa administrators, the white house's adviser on space and science. anybody and everybody involved in space is here for this big event. in just about three hours, curiosity will hit the martian atmosphere. nasa put out this pamphlet for all of us called "edl for dummies." it is quite a complicated series of events that's going to take place. it's going to hit the atmosphere traveling at 1300 miles per hour. steering its way through the upper atmosphere, then a parachute will eventually deploy, slowing curiosity down further. then a parachute will eventually deploy, slowing curiosity down further. after that there will be a series of other maneuvers that take place, rockets that are firing, the back shell comes off of the vehicle, then in the final maneuver, a sky crane drops curiosity down on the surface of mars. if any one of these series of events goes wrong, don, the mission will be lost. i had a chance to speak with the president of the mars society robert zubrin, who talked about just how critical
outlines the role that private commercial space flight companies will play in the future of nasa. "washington journal" is next. >host: good morning and welcome to washington journal on this monday, august 6, 2012. the candidates for president are offering condolences after yesterday's shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. six victims and the shooter were killed. nasa has landed a rover on mars. on the campaign trail today president obama visit connecticut. we would like to hear from democrats on what you think about the tone of president obama's campaign. you can also join us online and share your comments through twitter. ansd on facebook. you can also email us. our question is for democrats only this morning. we would like to hear from you on what you think about the tone of president obama'campaigneds. here's a story -- we will look and how you think the president is making his appeal and how he is coming across. here's a recent story from the associated press -- joining us to talk about this issue is our guest from the associated press. >> good morning. host: they're launch
joins us live from mountain view's nasa ames research center. a look at the bay area's role in the mission. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a huge role did nasa ames play in this mission. we're told an estimated 7,000 people came here last night just to watch it. we hear there was a dance party. someone here also was nasa ames research scientist michael sims, good morning. you have been part of the mars program for nasa for 25 years. can you put it into perspective what the landing means. >> it's great. not only exciting but scientifically we get to the place we want to be. we want to know what's happening on mars. and sort of symbolically, the first images you saw had a dust cover over them. once the dust cover was removed you could see clearly. that's what a mission gives us. >> ames played a huge role. there is the heat shield and this parachute for the seven minutes of landing. tell us about that. >> so we tested the parachute in our wind tunnel. we have the largest wind tunnel in the world so we put it inside and blew the wind tunnel enough to test the parachut
tonight, what goes up must come down. just not like this. after a string of successes for nasa, the space agency's luck runs out when it tests a new rover. >>> aaron roger, peyton manning under center. we'll show you highlights. also, dwight howard and the lakers, real warm, and the giants, how did they do in st. louis ? later in this broadcast. u?% >>> new tonight at 11:00, the justice department will not prosecute goldman sacks nor its employees in a financial fraud investigation even though a senate panel found that goldman marketed mortgage securities to banks and other investors. fail to tell them the securities were risky. goldman secretly bet against investor positions and deceived investors about positions all in order to move the risk to the investors. >> new tonight at 11:00, jerry brown said mitt romney aught to rethink his comments about california. after comparing the golden state to struggling european countries. in case you missed the comments by romney, here they are. >> if entrepreneurs and business people around the world and here at home think that at some point americ
moment for nasa as the latest mars rover touches down and begins its mission. >> but first maryland's first casino request to downsize just as lawmakers are looking at adding another one. something is wrong with that picture. we'll tell you about it up next. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> we are back now with the update on that mississippi church that wouldn't let a black couple get married there in its sanctuary. the first baptist church of crystal springs is now apologizing to the couple, although not directly. instead the church posted a message on its website. it asks for forgiveness and
prove by next month that has the money to back up projects it's been 16 days since nasa's curiosity rover in many spectacular landing on mars its minimum taking back pictures and sending back weather reports but today nasa took out for a spin for the first time and tracy shows us a it's one small move for rover and one giant relief for nasa. and nasa's california could control remote as a huge relief for rover make its first tax on mars this new relationship is the small but successful test drive 15 ft. forward a 120 degree turn and 80 back and over the next 23 months curiosity will climb the site of a march in mountain analyzing rocks try to determine that the conditions for life ever existed on the red planet. nasa has in the spot where curiosity touchdown bribery landing at to the late martian chronicles author ray bradbury who at the 92 today. bradbury inspired a generation of science fiction fans and the likely be thrilled to see that this mission to mars has become much more than a mere curiosity. this video nasa made about the landing has now been wants more than 6 million ti
the rover curiosity makes a perfect landing on mars. don knapp at nasa ames research center thousands watched and waited. >>> it was exciting not just the scientist the thousands of people on the grass at nasa ames and now until they came early at about 5:00 p.m. and watched every marker as the spaceship came down here's how the final moments wind. >>> touchdown confirmed. >>> not only did it touchdown ok it turn around faster than anyone expected it sent a low resolution picture of itself on the ground the picture shows it was on the ground and ready to go to work that's what they expect to do in the next coming days. >>> no one would see the rovers to send through the martian atmosphere thousands turned up and down the hill called to what would be a successful landing no one more hopeful than martians scientist chris mckay >>> i watch the clock at 1031 of this unsuccessfully a big sigh of relief and years of exploration on mars. >>> scientists new the rover faced a risky landing and the roaring of cables from the spaceship >>> my interest is the possibility will find a dif
cucumbers in 60 seconds. nasa... makes history... again! again!the monumental thing that has everyone cheering!...- cheering! 3 touchdown confirmedcheering nats nats nasa has made history again....this time successfully landing on mars. just after 1-30 this morning nasa's two-point seeen billion dollar rover...called ácuriousityá safely touched down on the red planet.mission control in california burst into cheers as the s-u-v sized spacecraft made it through the "seven minutes of terror"and now images from the martian planet come in as the rover travels over the martian terrain. president barack obama says nasa's successful mission to put a robotic rover on mars is an "unprecedented feat of technology." ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map 195 map wilekns map bel air map 3 3 3 3 she was turned down... at firs. first."i'm totally happy they didn't let in at 220 pounds. i think i probably would have died out there." how many recruits are trying to enter the military..but are too fat... to fight. ((break 2)) some places i go
about nasa's historic mission. the space agency is trying to find out if life ever existed on mars. today, it released some incredible new images. look at this. you have to look closely. the very first color pictures of the mission. you can see the crater in which the rover landed if you look closely. the photos are a little murky because the lens cover is dusty from the landing. the cover will be open later to take clearer shots of mars. that is is also releasing this animation. it shows the surface of mars. close up pictures that nasa is calling crime scene photos because it shows details about the landing site. look at this. low resolution photos were captured by a camera underneath the rover curiosity. some 300 pictures have been taken and beamed back more than 150 million miles to earth. nasa compiled th e ed them into. they show the last two and a half minutes of what nasa said was an exciting ride. 13,000 miles. last hour, a nasa engineer showed a full scale model of the rover curiosity that's causing so much excitement. >> thiis a model that we've been showing everybody. y
. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. check this out. manager at nasa's jet propulsion lab in california reacting to the news that the mars rover landed safely overnight. it was a picture perfect finish. the robotic explorer called curiosity made its way through the skies of the red planet and carried out a gentle landing inside a giant crater. the nasa managers erupted in cheers when they got the signal that the rover survived a plunge through the martian atmosphere. it made it through the seven minutes of terror. that is a great phrase. is probably why they were so excited. >> did you see that cheering? >> yeah. >> that's like our newsroom every morning. >> we walk into cheers and everybody is all excited. >> let's get to your numbers. warm and humid start to your day. temperatures, upper 70s and we're at 80 at the last look in washington. 80 in ocean city. lots of humidity out there as well there is your front from yesterday. kind of falling apart as it moved on through. and a few leftover showers particularly east. look now east of annapolis out towards the bay in s
the >>> this is a fox news alert. space rover curiosity made a landing on mars. nasa isn't expected to find out at about 1:30 a.m. at the earliest. and with us is former nasa astronaut tom jones joining us from our washington, d.c. bureau. and this must be a special night for enthusists and everyone else out there watching. >> mars has been in our imagination over a century. we've had mars rover spirit and opportunity on mars this, rover is so times bigger than those previous rovers and we're going to learn about the suitibility of mars for past and present life there. >> and this is especially intense because nasa is testing out a brand new landing technique. >> it's a real nail biter, there is a sus tim that is there on the planet we're awaiting 14 minutes of radio delay. to get signals back to tell us whether this is being put down on the surface, we're hearing signals to indicate whether each step is been going properly. when we get the final step that it's sitting on mars we'll know it goes for a five-year plus mission. >> and this would only be a success if it's transmitting information in the rig
a look at the mars craft and find out what nasa is bracing for what they're calling seven minutes of terror. >>brian: a call saturday for the bay area, high temperatures in the '60s and '70s. it is torn to be warmer tomorrow, your sunday forecast coming up. >>vicki: spacecraft curiosity is expected to touch down on the red planet monday morning, nasa is calling the landing seven minutes of terror. >> eight months in states, 354 million mi. traveled, 2.5 billion spent, nearly a decade of work. after all that it will take only minutes to determine if elation or disaster. >> four nights of sleep have deluded me. >> we think about failure every day and how to avoid failure. third them a series of precision choreographed events will begin to unfold. the defense so dramatic and defining the space agency put together a short movie calling it seven minutes of terror. that is the amount of time it will take curiosity to come to the atmosphere and other crash or land safely. >> if anyone think does not work just ride it is a game over. >> curiosity is huge. it is the size of a small car. on
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>>> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars! >> making it to mars. nasa scientists cheer as their space rover lands on the red planet to start exploring whether life once existed there. welcome to nhk world "newsline." the space probe called curiosity is now trying to live up to its name. it's exploring the surface of the planet trying to find evidence something, anything, once lived there. the rover landed earlier after a 36-week journey from earth. nasa scientists hope it will help them answer questions about mars' past and about human kind's possible future there. nhk world's alex kirst reports from pasadena, california. >> reporter: nasa scientists spent years preparing for this moment and tense days tracking curiosity's approach to mars. then they heard the words they had been waiting for. >> touchdown confirmed! we're safe on mars. >> reporter: the cheering continued even as the six-wheeled spacecraft started beaming back its first images using one of its cameras. the black and white pictures showed the rover's shadow cast on the surface of mars. the u.s. space agen
, that was the reaction at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in california when the word came that curiosity touched down without a problem. and within minutes scientists were seeing their first photographs from the third rover to touch down on the red planet. these up ages represent a decade's worth of work for nasa scientists across the country and even here in maryland. as kristin fisher reports, one of the most important instruments on curiosity was designed at nasa's goddard spaceflight center in greenbelt. >> reporter: hundreds of scientists and spectators gathered at nasa goddard to watch curiosity live up to its name. >> it's really just getting our curiosity as human beings, as we look at the universe and look around us, what else is out there? >> reporter: melissa treanor is just one of the goddard scientists that spent years developing the instrument at the core of curiosity's mission. >> sam is sample analysis at mars and if is basically the chemical -- it is basically the chemical laboratory that is on the curiosity rover. >> reporter: the sam instrument built here at nasa goddard is one
planet. nasa is celebrating a spectacular success this morning. on mars. as you can tell, they stayed very calm about it. >>> and then talk about success, michael phelps talks about his olympic legacy and his final medal count from london. [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmm i love you, i love bacon. i love you. i love bacon. i love you. beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time. and check out beggin' thick cut. i'm gonna need a bigger mouth! we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank y
world, london. >>> scientists at nasa have transmitted the first ever voice message from another planet thanks to a little thing called curiosity. the mars rover curiosity beamed back the message along with new images of the red planet. this image shows layer upon layer of multi-colored strata. scientists compare the terrain to the grand canyon in arizona. the dots on this photo indicate the different levels. sciences say the geological makeup appears to be different. the lower ones res resemble tho found on the grand canyon, which was formed by water. nasa officials say the images reveal a previously unknown side of mars. they plan to send curiosity towards the canyon to search for signs of life. nasa administrator charles bolden recorded the voice message. technicians sent it to rover on mars, and then curiosity beamed the recording back. >> curiosity will bring benefits to earth and inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers as it prepares the way for a human mission in the not too distant future. thank you. >> one nasa expert compares the audio transmission and the picture
to a person's sexuality. >>> perfect landing and a risky mission. nasa's curiosity begins an investigation into the red planet's past. we'll show you the first images from mars. >>> nasa scientists are preparing for the rover to begin digging into the red planet, next up, after the one ton rover made an impressive landing yesterday. these are some of the first images curiosity as beamed back with more to come. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: it was a rocket celebration at nasa overnight as scientists let out a huge sigh of relief when the rover named curiosity reached mars. eight months, 352 million miles and a tense seven minutes as curiosity approached the red planet ending with a flawless landing. a feat in engineering. curiosity zipped through the martian atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour before the finish line it slowed to a crawl of two miles per hour as cables carefully brought the rover down to the surface of mars. >> that rocked. >> reporter: as it approached for landing the rover transformed six times, 76 explosions that needed to be executed in perfect sync. curiosi
then it is mostly been taking pictures but today nasa took it out for its first span bench crazy shows us it was one small move for a broker one giant relief for nasa. dear wastes >>> in the control room it was a relief when they saw the rover make its first trucks on mars. this new animation shows a small but successful to test drive a 120 degree turn and then eight feedback. over the next few months curiosity will pack the time the site of a mountain analyzing rocks tried to determine if the conditions for life ever existed on the red planet is. nasa has named the spots where curiosity touchdown bradbury land area to the late martian chronicles author ray bradbury who would have been 92 today. bradbury inspired a generation of science fiction fans who had been thrilled to see that this mission to mars has been much more than a curiosity. this hall is sell video made about the landing has now been lost more than 6 million times. john that created it. dick waves this makes them want to be a scientist. he equates we felt the space shuttle program and with funding cuts many wondered if nasa could rem
:43. it was a test but it left nasa officials trying to figure out what went wrong. >> a huge project scheduled for the moon not for mars. that was earlier this week. but this one to the moon never got off the ground. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> thanks for joining us on this friday morning many today they will pay final respects to 6 people who were killed in a wisconsin sikh temple shooting and they are expecting a lot of people. >> reporter: thousands are expect to be there to pay respects. organizers had initially given two hours for the wake and visitation at a local high school. but they now plan to be there for four hours to accommodate mourners from around the world. we have learned u.s. attorney general eric holder has been added as a last-minute speaker. the service will honor the 6 victims who were shot and killed on sunday. the gunman wade michael page opened fire on the victims as they worshipped inside the temple. yesterday, for the first time since the mask shootings members were allowed back-side and clean up the damage and opened the dining hall where they run an open k
and hungry as a young kid. >> coordinators hope to do it again next year. >>> right now nasa getting ready for a complex space mission. details on a mars landing. plus the wild fire that's being called a monster. arson investigators on the case. >> showers popping up. especially in southwest baltimore county. your forecast right after at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. wow. that feels really good! and now, sleep number introducs our new memory foam series the only memory foam beds with exclusive dual-air technology that adjusts on each side. memory foam just found its better half. sleep number. enjoy introductory savings of $500... and two free coolfit pillows! plus, a special financing offer. final days! only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> in oklahoma, what's being described as a monster wild fire continues to burn in the northeastern part of the state. one of several that firefighters are still trying to contain. in total more than a dozen blazes burned, more than 56,000 acres of land, and the extrem
like thursday, friday will be the hottest days of the week inland. >> thank you. >>> this morning nasa is celebrating a huge success in its most ambitious mission to mars. the curiosity mars rover landed safely on target inside a crater on the surface of the red planet. scientists began celebrating as cure comesty began trans-- curiosity began transmitting low resolution photos within moments of touchdown. nasa says it's the most important step so far in getting people to another planet in our solar system. >> president obama has laid out a bold vision for sending humans to mars. and today's landing marks a significant step toward achieving this goal. >> for the next two years, curiosity will drill into rocks and scoop up soil. it's looking for clues on the martian environment for in supported life in the form of microscopic organisms. >>> nasa workers weren't the only ones who wanted to see the first photos curiosity sent from mars. hundreds of people gathered at nasa ames in mountain view to watch the giant screen set up for visitors. they also had a chance to hear from nasa research
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a pitbull. a picture-perfect finish as nasa confirms the rover - curiosity - has landed on mmrs. mars.18-23 "people cheering" cheering" celebrations from the jet propulsion laboratory at nasa in pasadena, california.the plutonium-powered, six-wheeled s-u-v sized curiosity is carrying cameras and scientific instruments.the mission will now test whether mars ever offered the favorable conditions or organic compounds necessary for life. "there are many out in the community who say thattnasa has lost its way, that we don't know how to explore, we've lost our moxie. i want you to look arounn tonight, all thoss folks with the blue shirts think about what we've achieved. i think its fair to say nasa knows how to explore we've been exploring and we're on mars." mars." this was nasa's seventh landing on mars.many other attempts by the u.s. and other countries to zip past, circle or set down on mars have not beee successsul. maryland scientists are playing a key role in the mars mission. at the goddard space center in greenbelt... researchers helped develope scientists hhre are estatic about
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